a Black Polish Jew, Baltimore Born and Raised.  

My name is Sharon Boesen.

Growing up in the Pikesville neighborhood of Baltimore, as a mixed child in the 70's and 80's I never felt like I fit in.  It's shocking, I know.  There weren't many kids in my neighborhood who were mixed and I didn't fit snugly into groups. Black kids didn't think I was "black enough" white kids didn't think I was "white enough"...I was also raised Jewish so the Jewish kids didn't get it either even though my Father was the president of four brotherhoods in the Eruv.  Still, throughout elementary school I told kids I was white with a year 'round tan .  

As a little girl, my Aunt Rita gave me a sugar cookie and I turned my head away and said "too tweet".  Sweet anything was never my thing.  In either cooking or baking, my flavor palate is diverse and sensitive.  I find a particular thrill in finding the perfect combination of flavors in any dish, be it sweet or savory. 

Today, I live on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC with my husband and raise our four children in our truly blended lives.  Surrounded by a multitude of restaurants, markets and local vendors.  

With all of life's  joy and challenges, my life today is very much like prepared cake or pastry.  Never too perfect or too sweet, but always authentic and prepared with an unmatched passion every day.