Joy to the World

Can you believe it's the end of 2016?  What a year it has been. Tremendous loss of life, love, spirit and in many cases, joy. The holidays are a time we share joy, but what if you feel you have none to give?  

Sad, I know. But in today's world, we have places like the #depressedcakeshop and mental outpatient service providers popping up over your local Starbucks. It's important to recognize this season is not the highest for suicide.

Granted, it's from 2014, but I can find a more recent studies.  There are many more and the CDC, Nami, and all sorts of others affirm this as fact.

It's actually springtime.  Go figure. When people feel their lives are not in line with the blooms of the season. Some speculate there is a connection to tree pollen. 

In any event, I challenge everyone to find your joy now. 

I'm looking for lovely, joy inducing bake shops around DC.   I love this time of year and bakeries have the capability to tickle more senses than most other places in our lives. Because they should!

The best bakeries are simple. I'm from Baltimore/Manhattan. I don't need a Pastry Shop or patisserie. 

I love simplicity. Not only because it's a pretty word, but it's plain and natural. Easy to understand. 

Invoke memories of being a child during the holidays. When life was simple and there were no bills to pay, kitchens to clean, or children to scream at or at you or in your general direction. 

Perfect images in pastry. Bakers that care about ingredients.  Lovely decadent desserts. I don't want to eat them all. I want to share them with my world. Experience their loveliness. And take the warm spicy fragrance of real gingerbread through my days. 

The holidays are are so stressful.  Let us stop perpetuating untruths and let's be happy. Joy gives joy.

Just smile. (It's free.)

A happy joy filled season to you and yours.  



Sharon BoesenComment