Black Royal Icing Embroidery on White Italian Fondant

Last night I spent three hours watching "Interstellar" and completing a sample embroidery cake.  It really wasn't as difficult as I thought it might be to create, however, I suppose a white icing with a square tip brush might offer a lighter design.  I needed something to give me focus while my son had a sleepover.  I finally finished the cake at midnight but hope to find another opportunity to create some cupcakes, cookies or cakes in the future.  

Baking gives me an opportunity to find a bit of peace and quiet during an otherwise hectic life.  It calms my mind and soothes my soul.  Cooking both sweet and savory items are a thrill for me, but for some reason baking is my passion.  My goal with this blog is to try to learn a little more about myself, my hopes and dreams, and leave a small imprint for my kids to have a deeper understanding of who I am.  

Maybe that will give them deeper insight into their own self understanding.  One day I'll print all the pages and give it to them in hard cover.  Their own book of insight into "Why did Mom do that anyway?"

Life is hard enough as it is--can't we all just have some kind of instruction manual to help us out a little?  

Sharon BoesenComment