Cinnamon Rolls? Tarts? Pound Cakes? Herbed Rolls?

It's Tuesday morning March 1.  A new recipe for cinnamon rolls is rising on the stove and tart dough is in the fridge.  Unfortunately the kids have yet to appear.

I don't care what anyone tells you.  Life is hard.  I once asked my mother what she was thinking in not revealing that lovely nugget.  She apologized.  Unfortunately, that's mostly what she does these days.  I suppose there really isn't much she can do.  God bless her.

EMI/3.1 -- I would like to offer a daily online store for pastries that people can open up my web page, see whats fresh and available, select and buy it, and wander over to the little store and pick it up.  Fun right?  

EMI, btw is my early morning idea.  They're great, I know.  Unlikely that I can really make them happen, but once they're in black and white, maybe there's something that would move to fruition?  Is that even the right word?  



Sharon BoesenComment