Best laid plans...don't always make lemonade. Or ice cream.

The plan this week for class #4 was to make single serve bags of vanilla ice cream with chunks of chocolate curls and monkey or sour patch candy rainbow topped cupcakes.  Sounds delicious, right? The thought process was

  1. It's hot.  Ice is cold and that's a win.
  2. I want kids to have fun.
  3. They should be able to do something different.
  4. They should be able to do something kind of active, since they can't actually bake anything.
  5. Being able to choose a monkey or a rainbow lets them make a choice--that's a little bit of independence. 

In short, 10 pounds of ice was short by oh, say, a lot.  I should have had 20 pounds per group, and a large cooler to hold the temperature.  Making ice cream is chemistry.  We had a few interruptions, leaky discount "almost-Ziploc" baggies and well over 90 degree heat in the multi-purpose room where we worked. The students shook their bags like rock stars.  Alas, all they made was delicious vanilla shakes--and there we had it.  A down and dirty recipe for rich and frothy single serve vanilla bean milk shakes.

Here's the recipe for shakeable ice cream there's a video too.  I used heavy whipping cream to add fat and richness, which may have stalled the freezing of the ice cream, encouraging the milk shake result.  Just remember to have extra ice on hand and be sure the ziplocs are well contained in the ice before you begin shaking.  Also there are plenty of cups on hand for yummy milk shakes if necessary.  I'd love comments if anyone else gives this one a try.  I will probably have my kids try it at the beach next week just to see how it goes.


Sharon BoesenComment