Today is another day -- Resolutions and Goals 2017

It's a new year.  An opportunity for new ideas, new goals, new starts.   But, what if I'm re-purposing old resolutions/goals into new ones?  Can I just move a resolution/goal from year to year if I want to try again?

Why not?! 

It kind of feels like cheating, but it isn't.  It's a do-over.  A mulligan.  An opportunity for improvement and growth.  There are no penalties and no one is going to give me a ticket or points on my license for it.  And so, New Year 2017 is an opportunity, to start again.

Recipes are like resolutions for me.  I have recipes for disaster and recipes for success.  Neither ever last for a whole year and so...

I hereby resolve, 2017, to daily resolutions.  Sometimes new, big ones, sometimes small old ones recycled.  One thing is for sure, every day will be different.  And there will always be new horizons to explore.

The question ever-present is whether I will throw them in the batter today to see what happens, or resolve to make a list of things to try tomorrow?

Generally speaking, Scarlett was right.



Sharon BoesenComment