Cake Mom is on Vacation and Happy Birthday, Melissa

Cake Mom is on vacation--no cakes for the month of August!  I am officially taking a break and it feels really good.  

It's been a busy year of baking for my Capitol Hill neighbors.  Some new projects, some projects inspired by those of years past.  The consistent theme is customers wanting to do something special for a friend, co-worker or loved one.  This understanding always helps me when I'm designing the concept and the final package -- it just makes me smile.  I love that feeling.  As we begin August and start to wrap up the summer (gasp!), I'm thinking of a much simpler, slower time from my own lifetime of celebrations.  Because I don't want to regret the past or shut the door on it.  

Sometime ago, a good friend was celebrating her birthday.  We were quite close but somehow, I got too wrapped up in my own stuff to remember. By the end of the day, I tried to remedy the situation, but our friendship was never the same.  Many years later she was married to a man she met when I was still close with her.  They were married on my birthday.  They've been married now for over 25 years and her birthday is August 8th.  I think of her on both of these days every single year and likely will do so for the rest of my life.

This was an early lesson for me to think of myself less.  The more positivity I send out into the universe, the better I am as a result.  Today, I am quite grateful for this date.  And I am grateful for Melissa.

Happy birthday, Missa!