First Sunday—Again.

I’m still under construction. I thought “ok, new we go.”  

 This is me, not starting 2018 quite yet.   

This is me, not starting 2018 quite yet.   

Not so fast. Something has got me under the weather and while I recover, I’m fielding ideas and thoughts flying  through my mind in every direction. Clearly, this is just one reason being a pastry person works for me. The creativity and opportunity I find in a bag of flour is endless. I can pour flour onto my wood-grained kitchen table and draw words and pictures and by adding a few other ingredients, it becomes a theee dimensional, richly flavored, buttery, lightly sweet confection. I love that. 

And, with that espousing of my continuing desire to bake endlessly, I move along to my day of giving back to others.  

My dh has a show at 1 at the H Street Country Club. The monthly jazz brunch—it’s the first Sunday of every month and for some reason I’m always suprised when this day comes around.

FYI—It’s not a club and it isn’t in the country but it will be warm inside with cool jazz tunes until 3pm. The food is delish—one of my favorite menus in the District right now. His band is The Captones and features a lead singer who is also an author—Louis Bayard. He’s a talented writer and a pretty good singer too. Of course, my dh is on bass. (He loves hugs.)  Carson is the guy playing the drums and playing the trumpet — at times simultaneously— and doing it well, I might add.  Alex Cristofarro is this lovely young man that seems to know every song ever written for guitar.  And he plays without a missed note. Ever. It’s kind of odd. I’m planning to rally and head over for the show. 

I hope you’ll join us. Stop by, have a coffee and hug my dh.

But I won’t be offended if you wave to me from afar.  


Sunday, January 7th 2018

The Captones

H Street Country Club

1pm - 3pm


Peaceful Sunday to you and yours.

- SB