Baking for a Living

Buttercream Bakeshop




Sticky Fingers

Sweet Lobby

These are all excellent options for pastry or cakes for celebrations.  I highly recommend any of these places for your events.  Sadly, I am closing Cake Mom--and this time for good.  It's just too much for this old marketing girl to make a go of it.  And today, I'm exploring new opportunities in social media marketing and public affairs.  I have my Master's in Marketing Management, so I've never exactly felt like I fit into the potential foodie world. It was kind of a square peg thing...

If at some point in the future our paths might cross, please know, every single dessert and cake I created for you was made with love and care.  I crafted every single cake with perfection in mind and while I may not have achieved that particular goal, I hope it was enjoyed right down to the very last bite.  

Thanks for the memories.

...moving forward, never back. 

- SB

Sharon BoesenComment